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Local Craft Beer Menu

Furthermore’s Fatty Boombalatty
By bucking tradition, steering the bitterness in the direction of a pale ale, and coupling
hops with coriander in the fermenter, you get all the bubblegum goodness of a big
Belgian, with enough crispness to cut through the sweet profile, thus making
you want to sip it again and again. Dangerous, indeed!

Lakefront Riverwest Stein
A hint of caramel malt sweetness up front is checked by
a pleasant hop bite and crisp, lager finish.

City Lights Hazy IPA
This one is for the hopheads. Enjoy anytime you’re looking for a juicy hop
explosion. With pure flavor and aroma hops including Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo,
El Dorado, and Vic Secret; this is as tropical as they come. 

Raised Grain Brewing Company’s Black Walnut Belgian Imperial Stout
A surprisingly complex Belgian Stout with notes of chocolate, vanilla and coffee. The
addition of Belgian candy sugar adds incredible depth to a bold Russian Imperial Stout.

Miller Lite
A Milwaukee tradition! This carefully crafted pilsner is famous, and is low in calories.